Puzzled Out

About Puzzledout.com

Puzzledout.com's mission is to help young people and mental health services work together to transform the way that services are provided. Kick started with funding from the National CAMHS Support Service it’s now run by Cernis as an independent, not for profit venture.

It has the potential to give participation groups, services and commissioners access to unprecedented amounts of data on what children and young people think of their services and how they could be improved.

It works by giving young people an accessible platform to speak about their experience of mental health services. It isnt’t the first time this has been done, but it’s never been done before on this scale. Puzzledout.com covers the whole of England. Every Service and service user can access it (though some may require a little support to do so). And everyone can benefit. It’s surveys and consultations can be set up by young people or set up by adults (though we would obviously recommend working together to create them).

See the help section for more info on how to use puzzledout.com.